Transition Assistance Program 

To Prepare Soldiers for Civilian Life

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a ground breaking and innovative training program to assist soldiers transitioning from army to civilian life.  The Momentum Program provides fundamental tools, skills, and information needed to reenter civilian life with self-confidence and direction.

Momentum, an Israeli not-for-profit started in 2008, was developed in response to expressed requests of soldiers finishing army service.  Momentum actively promotes assisting soldiers in partnership with the private, business, and public sectors.


The Momentum programs includes:

  1. Empowerment seminars given while a soldier is still in active duty.
  2. Post-army workshops.
  3. Digital media support and mentoring during and after army service.

Why is Momentum so important?

Many thousands of young Israeli soldiers are discharged each year with minimal preparation for their future.  At the end of army service is an unique opportunity to provide tools, knowledge, and skills that will assist in their integration into Israeli society. If the transition process is not started during army service, it probably will not occur at all. The soldiers of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  The better prepared they are, the more it benefits them, Israel, and the greater Jewish world.

On average, Israeli youth delay their education for 3 years beyond army service. This delay costs the country billions of shekels each year. The value of lost human potential is even more significant. It means delays in careers, work, marriage, and housing.  Many energetic, creative young adults leave Israel for long periods.  Without Momentum, less than 10% of soldiers will receive transition assistance.

Momentum’s Success

  • Momentum’s workshops were chosen by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a leading program to prepare young soldiers for civilian life.
  • The Human Resource Division of the Israeli Air Force implements Momentum’s program for all their discharged soldiers.
  • Over 31,000 soldiers have participated in Momentum’s seminars.
  • 90% of all soldiers say, “Momentum was very helpful and everyone should get it”.
  • FIDF (Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces) has selected Momentum to receive a matching grant of $750,000.
  • Over 17,000 discharged soldiers participate in Momentum’s social media and interactive website.
  • Momentum has received endorsements from officers, parents, members of the Israeli Knesset, academicians and public figures in Israel.

Thanks to Momentum, thousands of soldiers begin their transition into civilian life as better-prepared citizens.  They feel appreciated and honored for their service.  Momentum is developing new ways to assist soldiers during and after army service.

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